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Shelby County residents send more tax dollars to the State than any other county in Tennessee. Shelby County is not supported by the State commensurate with the amount of money it generates so we keep sending the State more money and getting fewer services in return.

As a result, our education system is failing our children, roads and bridges are cracking and crumbling, and crime remains at a historic high.

I am ready lead the charge to demand Shelby County's fair share from Capitol Hill focusing crime, education, and infrastructure. 

  • THEN we can effectively fight crime and stop the spread of gun violence

  • THEN we can create an effective educational system that prepares our youth to become civic-minded, socially responsive, and financially independent young adults

  • THEN we can fix our roads and bridges, improve our sewer and water systems, invest in broadband, and create a light rail system

This will lead to bringing new businesses and supporting small businesses to grow and thrive. My guidance will bring more revenue to our communities and generate additional prosperity for the citizens of Shelby county.

Like my parents, Judge Russell Sugarmon and Dr. Miriam DeCosta Willis, I have the passion to make this happen. I will fight to make Shelby County better. Invest your vote in me, Erika Sugarmon, for County Commission District 12.

Donating to my campaign just got simpler thanks to WTF: Women for Tennessee's Future! Scan the QR code pictured here and show your support for THE crusader! There is so much work to do and I need your support.

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