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Meet Erika

As a citizen who has lived, worked, raised a family, and received education in Shelby county for decades, Erika Sugarmon is a blend of credibility, passion, and sincerity. A mother of one daughter, Selena, two sons, Greg and Zack, and two family dogs, GG and Skyler, she is proud to continue her crusade for better jobs, stronger neighborhoods, and a renewable future with your help. 

A thought leader and paradigm for building relationships and establishing bonds through civic engagement, currently she serves 5 community organizations including Women in Leadership Leaning of Wisdom (WILLOW- Board Member), Tennessee-National Women’s Political Caucus (West TN Representative), Shelby County Democratic Party (Executive Committee and Primary Board), Youth Villages (Council Chair and Respite and Foster Parent), Memphis-Shelby County Education Association High School (Director, Associate Representative, and Political Action Committee Board).

An educator in the Shelby County school district for more than two decades, she’s spent many years traversing District 12 listening to your concerns and sharing her vision. Now, she’s ready to take action as District 12’s County Commissioner. Reflecting on being challenged at an early age by her father, the late Judge Russell Sugarmon, who championed social justice and equity for underserved communities, Erika knows that entering public service as an elected official is the most effective and impactful way to voice the causes that the people of District 12 hold dear and that she has been fighting for. Her mother, the late Dr. Miriam DeCosta-Willis, instilled in her the values of family, education, and community service. 

Remaining “teachable” through action, she is currently a Doctoral candidate for a Ph.D. in Education Policy and Leadership at the University of Memphis. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration, Master in Art & Teaching, and a Master in Public Administration from the university, as well.


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